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Log Burning Stoves - Add A Touch Of Class

Looking through some log burning stoves online so that you can find the perfect one for your house?  Log burning stoves are a great addition to any home, rather than just throwing wood directly into your home fireplace, log burning stoves provide a bit more safety and offer a more controlled burn of the logs for warmth and comfort.

Log burning stoves are great for not only providing extra warmth, but also for bringing the family together and creating a comforting ambience on cold winter days.

Now there are many different stoves out there to get, so to help you make your decision, here are a few reviews of stoves that you can take a look at:

1.  Hudson River Stove Works Catskill Wood Stove

Here’s one I found over at Walmart for $999.99 - $1,189.99.  It’s hard to find wood burning stoves these days as most of them are just electric, but here’s one that you can pick up if you’re willing to pay a bit more. 

This one has 30,000 BTUs, is fueled by wood, has a 3-6” flue size and you can pick it up with the a black finish, brown or blue enamel finish.  It’s a pretty heavy one at 275 pounds and is 19 x 22 x 28”.  It is built out of cast iron which is quite durable and is good for keeping heat in the home for longer periods of time.  Considering this is an authentic wood stove, it is priced reasonably well.

2.  Cleanheat Squirrel - Cast Iron Multifuel Stove

If you’re looking for a quality stove from a quality manufacturer, Morso is at the top of the list.  One of their more successful lines of stoves is the squirrel stove, it is a small stove that is pretty much guaranteed to fit into most fireplaces.

The “cleanheat” refers to the “cleanburn” technology that allows the stove to output up to 6kw and also provide cleaner emissions.  Seeing as how there is no top air vent, the glass size has been increased and the airwash system helps to make sure it stays clear.

This stove has a very high output of heat for it’s size and being a popular UK stove, it will cost about 732 pounds. 

3.  Morso 3610 Cleanheat stove

If you want a large stove, this is the one to get.  This cast iron stove has 2 doors and a large viewing area for the fire.  This is a clean burning stove that can be left on for over 10 hours and due to it’s size, accommodate logs as large as 60cm.

This one is quite a bit more expensive though at 1955 pounds from Stoves Online(dot co dot uk).
Now there are plenty of other log burning stoves to be found online, this is just a sampling.  If you don’t live in the UK, you may want to look elsewhere as a lot of the good log burning stoves are going to be quite expensive due to being in British pounds.